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Remodel & Addition Design

Remodels and additions to an existing home can be one of the most challenging design projects that any design professional does.  To do a proper design you typically have to be able to understand construction techniques and materials from many years ago.  Important questions must be answered like - "What walls are bearing" or "What is the roof construction" and one of the most important, "What will the city or code allow" in addition to many others.  There are aspects to remodels that those without substantial experience could miss.  When these items are overlooked, it can not only cost you more money but also affect the overall safety of the structure.


The staff at Robert Klob Designs, Inc. prides itself on providing designs for remodel & additions that ensures the lasting quality and integrity of your home. We believe remodels or additions should never appear to be an addition but rather a seamless continuation of the existing structure.

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