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custom home design

Custom Home Design.  Those simple words seemed out of reach of most people not long ago.  The staff of RKD has now brought the concept to just about everyone.  Our commitment is to offer quality design solutions and construction guidance for all of our clients.

For many, the process of designing a custom home is an intimidating thought.  Where do you start, size, materials, cost and many other items must be taken into consideration during the design process?  RKD is there to guide you in a manner that meets your schedule.  For many of our clients, it is their first time going thru the process; we have done it literally thousands of times.  We have seen and done just about any scenario you can imagine.


Do you need to have a million dollars to have a custom home?  Absolutely not!  While we have done very large custom homes, we have done very small designs too.  Our smallest custom home design was 765 square feet.  The majority of our homes are in the 2,500 to 4,500 s.f. range.  This is considered average for today’s custom home market.

There are many areas in the design where you can spend a considerable amount of money - likewise, there are just as many ways where you can save.  Through our guidance, several recent homeowners saved over 10% of their construction costs.  One recent owner was able to get just about everything they wanted (plus several upgrades) and still came in over $100,000 UNDER the original builder quote.  Let us show you how you can get the “best bang for your buck”!

You have undoubtedly seen the plan books or online sites for home plans. It may be an avenue for some people, however, most find that it really doesn't save the money they thought it would.  Before you invest in one of those plans, see our page about Stock plans vs Custom Design for an in-depth view of how they really compare based on our experience.  Click below.

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