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Design Services Anywhere!

Robert Klob Designs is regularly contacted from individuals and builders alike to design projects outside of our home state of Arizona. While many see this as a challenge – we welcome the opportunities.  Robert Klob Designs, Inc. has structured our business to make it easy for our long distance clients.  Utilizing today’s technology, we can exchange plans across town or around the world just as quick.  We email plans in a standard PDF format that can be printed on any printer.  We can review via phone, Skype or GoToMeeting or you can email comments back to us, then in a few days you get a new, revised version.  Everyone is busy today and we have found that this way the review takes place at your convenience and we don’t have to regularly coordinate a face to face meeting.  An added bonus is that during a phone meeting, we can make the updates during the call then email – within seconds you have the revised plan and can comment.


One recent project RKD designed in Virginia went thru this process with the general contractor and the client.  We were able to email and have 3-way phone calls with the client, the contractor and our office, then email the revised plans during the conversation to all the parties for their comments.  Once that project was done, the general contractor commented about the process, saying “It was easier to design a home with clients and RKD that were thousands of miles apart than it is with the architect that is only a mile from my office”.


Does your lot have certain characteristics that just can’t be described and pictures don’t do it justice?  Are there views or personal touches you have always dreamed of that you have to see to appreciate?  Robert Klob will visit your site to personally answer your questions.  Call us and we can tailor our services to meet your needs.


Robert Klob Designs, Inc. can design homes in nearly all 50 states and most countries without any issues.  Our home designs can be found in 19 states and 8 countries on 3 Continents.  RKD is successful in doing this because we have put the systems in place to make it easy and convenient for our clients. Email or call to discuss your project – big or small, regardless of the location.

Our fees INCLUDE a
3 day, 2 night trip to your site!
We want to meet you and see your site.  We want to meet your contractor.  We should also meet with your building officials.  This will make the whole process run much smoother.  Robert will personally visit, take pictures & gather information.  He will review your site for views or obstacles.  While on your site, he will take nearly 100 pictures & videos from all corners to ensure your design meets your needs.  During this visit, we will start designing your home - you will have One-on-One private design meetings in the comfort of your home.  

If we need to make additional visits to assist your contractor or meet with building officials, its not a problem - call to discuss a customized package to fit your needs.

Designs for YOU - wherever YOU are!

Call RKD toll free for more information 866.584.2474 from anywhere in the United States.

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