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Robert Klob Designs, Inc. has extensive experience with both large national builders and small specialty builders with the same dedicated service. We have been associated with builder product throughout Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Georgia and Florida. We regularly tour new product in order to stay abreast of the latest trends, styles and concepts - this ensures your product remains cutting edge and the choice for buyers in this tough market.


Robert Klob Designs, Inc. understands the challenges that builders face with the current economy.  Builders should not be forced to carry the burden of the economic downturn alone. Sub-contractors should also carry this burden.  RKD has structured their services and fees to be aggressive to help with these challenges.


Builder profits were typically made on margins in the land.  Now you must look for other avenues to maintain the profit margin.  One area is in the design, engineering and plans.  Our fees are typically half or more of what other professional design firms charge, plus we offer more services as standard.  RKD typically has a quicker response time than many builders have become accustomed to.


Design is an area of major redevelopment for Production Builders.  Homes that sold well a few years ago don't sell at all now.  Large homes with multiple unused rooms were the norm 5 years ago.  Now consumers want a home that each space is used and lived in.  Kitchens, Dining Rooms & Great Rooms have been a strong selling point for years, but now as families are drawn closer they have evolved into an important function of the family dynamic.  Space that can function for multiple uses is also another strong design point.  Taking an existing home and shaving a few expensive options out of it is not necessarily the answer.  Utilizing that same plan, removing unnecessary space and converting the remaining space into a family friendly usable space is optimal.    


One recent project was a new product for a local builder.  The scope had 3 plans, 1,500-2,000 s.f., 2 elevation styles and standard options.  It was also in an area that required post-tensioned slabs.  Due to investor requirements, time was of the essence.  Designs, plans & engineering was completed in 5 weeks and the plans were approved on the municipalities first review.  The fee for all 3 homes, including engineering, was less than what many builders currently pay the "large" firms for just ONE design.


Do you have a new product you would like to develop or existing product that needs improvement?  How about a design that was prepared by another firm but you are looking for an affordable solution for the Construction Documents?  We can help - let the staff at Robert Klob Designs, Inc. get you to that next level.

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