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Specialty Services

Specialty Design Experience

Custom Home Orientation

Hillside Design & Coordination

Z-Lot, ‘Zero’ Lot Line & Cluster Design

Passive Solar Design

Structural Design

Truss & Beam Design

Footing, Hold-down & Shearwall Design

Mechanical & Plumbing Design

Plan Layout, Equipment, Duct & Diffuser Sizing

Plumbing Isometrics & Pipe Sizing

Sewer, Water & Gas Load Calculations

Gas & Propane Design

Electrical Design

Power & Lighting Layout & Design

Service/Load Sizing & Calculations

Panel Schedules

FEMA Design Guidelines

Projectile Protection

High Wind Design

Safe Room Design

Construction Administration

Oversee Construction Techniques

Provide Field Design Alternatives

Field Verification & ‘As-Building’

“Frame Walks” & Documentation

Owner/Builder Consulting

Planning & Zoning

Re-Zone, Use Permits & Variances

Research & Public Hearings

Municipality Presentations

Design Review Presentations

Specialty Systems

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s)

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s)

Steel Stud Construction

Solar Integration

Hot Water Systems

Loop, Boiler, Storage & Tankless

Water Recirculation

Grey Water System Design

Rainwater Harvesting

‘Smart’ Framing Techniques

‘Green’ Research & Specification

Building Envelope Design

Passive Solar Orientation

‘Net-Zero’ Design

NAHB / ANSI / ICC Green Design

LEED Design

Designed for Energy Star™

Manufacturer Detail Design

for ICC Reports

Specialty Services & Consulting

Each project is unique and might require a special service, we have extensive experience in the services found below.